Dogs trained and bred at Mordor Gundogs, Perthshire, Scotland

Training & Breeding

Black Labrador Pups Breeded at Mordor Gundogs, 
                Perthshire, Scotland Dogs being trained with Charlie Thorburn at Mordor 
                Gundogs, Perthshire, Scotland Black Labrador Dog undergoing training at Mordor 
                Gundogs, Perthshire, Scotland

Our sister company, Mordor Gundogs, is an international training school and breeder for gundogs.

Mordor Gundogs train and breed working dogs to accompany shooting men and women in shooting situations.


Mordor Gundogs train using kind but firm methods. Dogs are taken in for training, owners and their dogs can come for regular lessons, or dogs can be supplied trained from scratch up to varying levels. The use of pheasant pens and rabbit pens are also available for clients as part of the client training package. Owners are encouraged to visit regularly for their own training.


Mordor Gundogs breed Labradors (black and dark yellow), Springer and Cocker Spaniel. Stud dogs and occasionally puppies are also available. Dogs are bred for their looks and temperament, as well as their brains and ability to work.Craighead Kennels manages and cares for all the breeding on behalf of Mordor Gundogs. It is to allow Mordor Gundogs to focus on the training aspects.

Exporting Dogs Abroad

Mordor Gundogs have gained a great deal of experience exporting dogs abroad. Be it a pup to Denmark, or a fully experienced dog to Texas, Mordor Gundogs can organise it all so that the dog has the best possible journey. Older dogs are normally accompanied to ensure a safe handover and to instruct and demonstrate to the new owner. With pups, it is preferred for the new owner to travel with the dog if possible.To date dogs have gone to Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and the USA (New York, Connecticut, Texas).

For more information on Mordor Gundogs visit their website.


"We are so lucky to have you to look after Zulu on our many trips away. it is such a comfort to know he is so well looked after and also how he is so happy when he arrives at the kennels."
Lars & Charlotte Fogshaard

Spot Estate, Scotland & Denmark

We've installed a state-of-the-art Biomass boiler so our dogs are kept in luxurious comfort all year round