Dogs being exercised with Charlie Thorburn at Criaghead Kennels, Perthshire, Scotland

Terms & Conditions

Exterior, Craighead Kennels, Perthshire, Scotland Exterior, Craighead Kennels, Perthshire, Scotland Dogs being exercised in the paddock at Craighead Kennels,
                Perthshire, Scotland Dogs kennelled at Craighead Kennels, Perthshire, Scotland

Due to our kennels being a training kennels,
we exercise the dogs more freely and with other dogs as it is a part of the training and socialisation of the dogs. There for we must state our terms in detail below.

  1. We cannot accept responsibility and vets bills for animals residing with us. We advise that all dogs are personally insured by the owners.
  2. If a dog needs medical attention, we will use our vets unless stated otherwise.
  3. We must be made aware of any conditions the dogs prior to arrival to the kennels, whether medical, behavioural, or dietary. We also must know if dogs are liable to be in season during their stay with us.
  4. We recommend that older dogs are booked into our home boarding facility as the kennelling can be more stressful for older, infirm dogs.
  5. We reserve the right to cancel a dogs stay with us due to behavioural problems.
  6. We reserve the right to follow any qualified advice from vets with regards to treatment that is in the dogs best interest. This includes euthanasia (although best attempts will be made to contact the owners).
  7. Payment must be made in full before collection of dogs.
  8. We cannot guarantee that all personal belongings will be returned with the dog as they may be chewed or soiled.
  9. When a dog leaves our kennels for the first time to go to a new home, a certificate of good health can be supplied on request.
  10. We reserve the right to refuse a dog to our premises.


"We are so lucky to have you to look after Zulu on our many trips away. it is such a comfort to know he is so well looked after and also how he is so happy when he arrives at the kennels."
Lars & Charlotte Fogshaard

Spot Estate, Scotland & Denmark