Dogs being exercised with Charlie Thorburn at Criaghead Kennels, Perthshire, Scotland

Our Kennels

Exterior, Craighead Kennels, Perthshire, Scotland Exterior, Craighead Kennels, Perthshire, Scotland Dogs being exercised in the paddock at Craighead Kennels,
                Perthshire, Scotland Dogs kennelled at Craighead Kennels, Perthshire, Scotland

We pride ourselves on keeping our dogs in the highest standard of accomodation. Our purpose-built kennels, built in 2006, have underground drainage and overhead heating and exceed the standards set by the professional kennelling authorities.


35 no. kennels (1.5m x 4m). All are internal for warmth and dryness.


35mm insulated rubber matting. Newspaper to keep dogs warm, dry and clean.


Large shutters to allow sun in and air circulation.


Electic heaters and a wood burner. Kennel building is fully insulated in floors and ceilings.


The dogs have fresh water 24 hours a day and are fed dry, natural feeds to suit.


The dogs are exercised 5-6 times a day at 3 hour intervals in the paddocks.

Due to the free running exercise routine of our kennels, we cannot be held responsible for any scratches and scrapes that may occur. Care will be payed to avoid such things but dogs will be dogs! We are therefore not responsible for any vets fees incurred by such accidents. We advise all dogs are insured.


The dogs are not meant to mess the kennels but if they do, they are cleaned throughout the day. The main clean is at 6am once all dogs have had their first run of the day.

For more information on how to board with us or if you would like to visit Craighead Kennels for a tour, then please contact us either by phone or email.


"We are so lucky to have you to look after Zulu on our many trips away. it is such a comfort to know he is so well looked after and also how he is so happy when he arrives at the kennels."
Lars & Charlotte Fogshaard

Spot Estate, Scotland & Denmark

We've installed a state-of-the-art Biomass boiler so our dogs are kept in luxurious comfort all year round