Dogs at Craighead Kennels, Perthshire, Scotland

Welcome to Craighead Kennels

Polly, English Springer Spaniel at Mordor Gundogs

Craighead Kennels is a high quality boarding kennel for your dog whilst you're away on business trips or holiday.

Situated in the hills of Perthshire we have all the facilities we need on our door step where your dog will have the space and opportunity to stretch their legs as much as they like. We provide 24-hour care with clean and comfortable facilities, regular walks, training and feeding schedules to suit your dog's specific requirements.

Our sister company, Mordor Gundogs, is a training school for gundogs and their owners, and therefore your pet will benefit from some of the handling methods we implement whilst staying with us. Socialisation with others dogs is encouraged and we avoid confinement wherever possible. Girls are always kept separate to the boys to ensure there are never any mistakes. No barking or antisocial behaviour is allowed and we train using kind but firm methods – the dogs are simply kept in order. We pride ourselves on our dedicated care and attention to your dog, and many of our clients find their dogs are better trained when they get back!

We take all breeds for boarding and training although they must be interviewed first prior to their stay and have the appropriate documentation (up-to-date vaccinations against parvovirus, coronavirus, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and kennel cough).

For more information on how to board with us or if you would like to visit Craighead Kennels for a tour, then please contact us either by phone or email.


"We are so lucky to have you to look after Zulu on our many trips away. it is such a comfort to know he is so well looked after and also how he is so happy when he arrives at the kennels."
Lars & Charlotte Fogshaard

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We've installed a state-of-the-art Biomass boiler so our dogs are kept in luxurious comfort all year round